We have been producing extra virgin olive oil for 5 generations

There are many oil producers, but we can boast over 150 years of experience. Our passion for this precious product was born in the mid-nineteenth century when the Baldi di Saludecio family decided to start an oil mill. Since then, we have always followed our production not only with competence, but also with great care and attention to obtain a good and genuine product that has allowed us to win the trust and appreciation of many loyal customers.

Today, the oil extraction process takes place through advanced technologies using a latest generation plant which, with means exclusively mechanical, it allows to obtain a high quality product, rigorously cold extracted. All processing parameters, from the crushing speed to the kneading temperature, are expertly calibrated and kept under constant check and control by a computer. The system was designed to minimize contact with the air during processing to avoid oxidation processes and thus preserve the unmistakable aroma of pure olive juice. The manufacturing process has been designed with particular attention to the environment, in fact the waste is completely recovered through the production of pits (solid fuel) and biogas.

Thanks to the computerized control of the temperature, the oil produced in this way can boast the wording “cold extracted”. We only use carefully selected Italian olives, harvested directly from the plant at the right point of ripeness. The milling takes place within a few hours of harvesting, thus obtaining a good oil, with a low degree of acidity, healthy and natural, which retains the characteristic aroma and unmistakable taste of fresh olives.