The processing stages

Choice of Olives

We only use olives from the province of Foggia, from carefully selected crops. A relationship of trust has been established with our suppliers, the same for about 50 years, which guarantees the quality and genuineness of the olives.

Grinding of Olives

The pressing of the olives takes place with the traditional millstones. In about twenty minutes of processing, a paste is obtained that is ready to be squeezed.

Hydraulic presses

The hydraulic presses squeeze the olives like the presses of the past. The progressive and prolonged pressure exerted on the olive paste, unlike other industrial methods, allows the oil to be extracted without altering its organoleptic properties.

Cold pressing

The olive paste, placed on the fiscoli, is squeezed very slowly. Like all fruits, olives contain a considerable amount of water, the liquid that comes out “oily must” is composed of water and oil.

Centrifugal separator

Taking advantage of the different specific weight of the two liquids, with the simple movement of the centrifuge, the separation of the oil from the water takes place. The oil production process is entirely mechanical and therefore completely natural.


After decanting the last remaining impurities, the oil is stored in the dark at a constant temperature, in stainless steel tanks and at the time of sale it is bottled directly in the mill.